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Crestridge Residence

A modern conversion of a dated tract home is now home to a family whose goals were to capture the city views and have a seamless connection from interior to exterior. This project exemplifies the potentials of a well though out remodel. What the original house once lacked is now in its past. Natural light floods all interior spaces. Composed volumetric interiors have established hierarchy and order to the home. Large openings now face the dominate view and can open up to connect the exterior to the interior.

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Poly Chief Palace

The façade effect of the sales centerhas extracted the rhythm and proportion of the façade of the old movie theatre site in Workers’ Village. The three-part pattern combines Chinese and industrial details to reflect the solemnity, luxury and grandness of traditional culture, making it a unique and different pattern from ordinary buildings. In terms of space structure, the traditional elements, Four Treasures of the Study, are represented with architectural language respectively: the wall as Paper, moon-like sculpture as Inkstone, infinity pool as Ink, and trees as Brush.

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Poly The Sky Garden

The project is located in Fujian, China. It adopts a modular design method to deconstruct the functional divisions of the sales center. The modular and detachable sales center with fast turnover capability enjoys high geographic and site applicability. The detachable sales center is designed as an embedded box with fresh metal texture. The building stands quietly above the water as a whole, delivering a sheer futuristic sense. As the functional "mission" is completed, the box will be removed silently and reassembled and reopened quickly at the next site.

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The meaning of the project in classical Latin, is “Our Sea”. Inspired by the movement of the oars of the fleets of the Roman empire is reinterpreted in the façade of the building. Reinforcing this concept, the design team decided to implement soft waves on the façade generating at the same time an experience of movement for the user. Throughout the 8 story residential building, the movement of the façade generates large balconies that allow the interior space to extend to the exterior. Moreover the form has passive sustainability strategies, such as natural light and ventilation.

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Faculty Architecture of Kigali

The agency responded to the international call for tenders launched in March 2012 by the Government of Rwanda for the design of a new school of architecture. This school, with a capacity of 600 students, will be established on a surface area of 5,600 sqm not far from the existing faculty. For this project the agency started from a simple volume on two levels that it has deformed like tectonics deforms the masses: pull on opposite sides and a central fault is created, this is the outer living space of students.

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Black and White House

Located on a main highway in Kuwait, the houses differentiate themselves from their surroundings by their stark façade design. With two contrasting colors, the façade is designed to define the individual houses, while achieving unity amongst all six. White stucco material is used as the base for all the houses, while dark grey bands of stone turn corners, go indoors, and climb up and down, creating flow and continuity throughout the project.

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