Festival by Shafiqul Alam

Shafiqul Alam Creates The Bengal Classical Music Festival Festival

Shafiqul Alam, the architect of the awarded design Award Winning Bengal Classical Music Festival Festival points out, Eastern classical music is a conversation of love spoken in syllables of purity and reflection. To encapsulate this, a generative sy <Cropped>

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Corporate Image by Wu Zhonghao

Wu Zhonghao Demonstrates The New Media Club Corporate Image

Wu Zhonghao, the project leader of the awarded work Wu Zhonghao's NEW MEDIA CLUB Corporate image demonstrates, Media forms, such as digital magazines, digital newspapers, digital broadcasting, SMS, network, desktop, windows, digital TV, digita <Cropped>

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Kaiseki Den-Restaurant by Monique Lee

Monique Lee Exhibits The Kaiseki Den Restaurant

Monique Lee, the creator of the displayed design Monique Lee's Kaiseki Den Restaurant explains, Kaiseki Den by Saotome, employs distinctive Wabi-sabi design elements of simplicity, raw texture, modesty and nature to exemplify Zen meaning behind <Cropped>

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Avanti-Elegant Car by Ross Compton

Ross Compton Discloses The Avanti Elegant Car

Ross Compton, the designer of the highlighted project Elegant Car by Ross Compton illustrates, Avanti has been created due to a lack in variety amongst the exotic car market. Avanti is designed to brake boundaries within market categories, with a tar <Cropped>

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Hotel by Jian Zhang-Dalian Polytechnic University

Jian Zhang-Dalian Polytechnic University Demonstrates The Luck Art Hotel Hotel

Jian Zhang - Dalian Polytechnic University, the designer of the award winning work Jian Zhang - Dalian Polytechnic University's Luck Art Hotel Hotel points out, Luck Art boutique hotel is located in a semi-enclosed courtyard beside the main road <Cropped>

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Table by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Portrays The Loft Table

Hakan Gürsu, the creator of the award winning project Loft - Table by Hakan Gürsu illustrates, Designed with no visible fixing details, Loft Table provides a simple look either for your classy office or your stylish home. Combined of 3 different <Cropped>

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Store by Lip Chiong-Studio Twist With K11

Lip Chiong-Studio Twist With K11 Shares The Kuriosity K11 Art Store Store

Lip Chiong - Studio Twist with K11, the author of the highlighted work Store:Kuriosity K11 Art Store by Lip Chiong - Studio Twist with K11 demonstrates, Kuriosity comprises an online retail platform linked to this first physical store showcasing a se <Cropped>

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Show Room by Tetsuya Matsumoto

Tetsuya Matsumoto Discloses The Origami Ark Show Room

Tetsuya Matsumoto, the lead designer of the displayed project Show room by Tetsuya Matsumoto demonstrates, Origami Ark or Sun Show Leather Pavilion is a showroom for Sansho leather manufacture in Himeji, Japan. The challenge was to create a space c <Cropped>

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3m For Design

New Contest On Desall.com: 3m and Desall Invite You to Design a New Furnishing Item For Indoors or Outdoors, That May Be Assembled Exclusively Using The 3m Adhesive Systems in Place of The Traditional Mechanical Fixing Methods (screws, Rivets, Soldering

New contest on desall.com: 3m and desall invite you to design a new furnishing item for indoors or outdoors, that may be assembled exclusively using the 3m adhesive systems in place of the traditional mechanical fixing methods (screws, rivets, solder <Cropped>

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Yu Li and Bowen Qian's Ji Mu Chair

Yu Li and Bowen Qian Discloses The Ji Mu Chair

Yu Li and Bowen Qian, the maker of the displayed design Ji Mu - Chair by Yu Li and Bowen Qian illustrates, With certain numbers of these simple but magical parts, chair, small tea table, bench and even wine rack would be easily assembled and put in <Cropped>

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