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Fun paradise

The Zhuoyu Pavilion is an innovative project. It intends to build an additional third space beyond the typical classroom and playground for the countryside children to engage in computer access, reading, communication and other interactive activities. The design starts from the characteristics of perception and mentality of schoolchildren to construct A house within a house, or a space. The project combines design with education, attempting to improve rural education through design, and leads the children in low-income areas to a hopeful future.

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Kushi Dango

Hamada architects planned a joint housing of five houses and offices on an elongated site with a width of 15 meters by 50 meters. Each semi-open courtyard with void space was placed in each door. The effect is to secure lighting and ventilation in each dwelling unit, making it possible to secure privacy by alleviating complaints of vibration and noise by making it with wood. In addition, the courtyard became a good communication place in the neighborhood.

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mirrored sight shelter

The mirrored sight’ tells the story of the longli people — a vernacular community that has experienced isolation and tension in southeast guizhou, china. Located along the longxi river — outside the old town of longli — the project reflects on a critical period, brings in a new regionl landmark and viewpoint where people can rest and enjoy. It is composed of two floors that accommodate only one person: the lower one invites people to stay and rest, while the upper has a pyramidal inner space and provides different viewpoints across the landscape.

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Impression Nanxi River

The designer seems want to present his project with local culture elements. We can feel some regional features and humanistic methods through the works. Chinese culture is mysterious and the history is quite long. How to express the real eastern aesthetic design in a right way is still a precious thing we should take care of. And in the form of a distinction between any similar projects, leaves us good impression! We wish there will be more project to be created with methods of sustainability and can be eco-friendly.

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The project aims to be an open space for the community. The volumetric proposal was developed with two wings that house the medical offices and open to the corner and to the public space through a large void in the axis of the building. This enamelled volume is on a more solid and closed base, which eventually invites people to access the building through a volume subtraction at the corner and a large slanted slab that suggests to the visitor what they will find inside.

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DASA House

This house is about balance and contrast. One side facing the town is rigid and dark. The other side facing nature is soft and bright. Dark metallic brick and black zinc were used for Town faced façade. Bright limestone was used for curved façade which is face to bamboo woods. Inner space burst out from the entrance to living room. The volume of the space expands dramatically. The overall shape of the house is ascending from the entrance to the upper floor like a ridge.

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