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The Bad Cafe

The architectural component was designed to facilitate yoga, gastronomical experiences, and cultural event spaces for music, art, performances, intellectual discourse and fashion. These activities are stacked vertically over three levels, including an open to sky terrace courtyard. The porous, perforated nature of the skin allows the project to breathe and ventilate thereby reinforcing the relationship between the inside and outside, between body and soul.

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Keiun Building

This is a four-storied multi-tenant building on a narrow site located. Special attention was given to insolation to sunlight and eyesight on the east and west elevations. For insolation, aluminum mesh is fitted to the ALC outer wall just like rattan blinds to block the sunlight most effectively, with their curves allowing for expansion in summer and contraction in winter. It was broken down and were rearranged to five Japanese traditional colors, which provide eye-catching effect and landscape preservation.

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Pool House

It was primarily an extension of the existing house to accommodate a home theater, lounge, pool, changing room, a gym and addition of two suites with dressers and toilets Building is like an object or a sculpture not bound by any classical archetypal or conventional construction system. The form is just like a natural peal from the landscape. The pool house is overlooking the green, its perched, the construction system is shell based.

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Shreyas Retreat

The new wellness block (at an existing retreat) building is named Anaha meaning well being or to breathe freely in Sanskrit. Being a venue of the Relias & Chateux, the retreat saw a huge influx of guests from around the world. Understanding the concepts of yoga and meditation, the design was planned to be well connected with the outdoors and finished with neutral tones of earthy and Indian materials to bring out the true essence of the space without compromising on the design, spatial and hospitality experiences.

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The building represents a new architectural direction of Indian Architecture, which is based on contemporary technology and complexities yet draws inspiration from historical building techniques and tradition. The structural system eliminates the use of concrete slabs, beams and columns and replaces it with ancient arcuate construction. The technology used in construction uses contemporary machinery and formwork to create a building of engineered precision. Its a true amalgamation of the wealth of ancient architectural knowledge with contemporary technology.

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Overlapping volumes and glass walls were combined to create a sense of transparency and open space in this minimalist style Sao Paulo City residence. The transparency of the living space created continuity between the large internal garden and a ray pool, providing light and union between interior and exterior, fully integrated to the house through slippery glass panels. The spatial integration aimed to promote intense interaction and coexistence among individuals in the family, one of the keys in designing this project.

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