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Revitalization of Abandoned Village

The project REVITALIZATION OF An Abandoned Stone Village started ten years ago. The owner’s original intention was to save only several yards in his deserted home village to leave childhood memories. Later, inspired by experts of village construction who activate ancient villages by art, the idea was extended to the rebirth of ravine lands. REVITALIZATION OF An Abandoned Stone Village is meant to redefine one of the villages named Denghua Village.

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The Grabowski house was designed with a green roof in order to build a visual and virtual bridge between the slopes that define a valley in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro. The biggest challenge was to create a veranda covered by the upper floor without any pillar. The lack of these vertical elements eliminates the boundary between interior and exterior, between roofed and unroofed areas, reinforcing the connection of architecture to the nature. The solution for the engineer query was the use of the Vierendeel truss. That kind of truss forms the exterior structural skeleton of the house.

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House L019

In the whole house it was used a simple but sophisticated material and color concept. White walls, wooden oak floors and local Limestone for bathrooms and chimneys. The precisely crafted detailing creates an atmosphere of sensitive luxury. Exactly composed vistas determines the free floating L-shaped living space.

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Nanxianglou Art Hotel in Shenzhen

Nanxianglou Art Hotel in Shenzhen, China sponsored by China OCT was renovated by PleasantHouse Design. The project situates in the historic Gankeng Village, having gained lots of reputation abroad since the development of the complex. The design was inspired by the Hakkas immigration culture dating back to hundreds of years. The renovation features two glass houses separately on the first floor and second floor, working as a hotel and part of the exhibition.

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Hansha Reflection

Hansha Reflection House is a specific residence for a specific site, set to address the ephemeral moments of the surroundings with structural ingenuity and material sublimity. The extensive 3.2 m timber cantilever carries the living and dining areas to accommodate parking for 3 cars. The idea of Reflection becomes a series of unfolded meanings; exterior reflection of surrounding, interior reflection of surroundings, introspective reflection spaces and reflection of the site. The house changes its appearance throughout the day and reflects the surrounding Sakura trees during Spring.

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The Nascimento Chapel is located in a private property at the mountains of Rio de Janeiro. Taking advantage of the topography, a lake was created, so that the construction could hover over it and also works as a mirror for the architecture. Its facade, doubled by reflection, defines the very same curve of its floor plan. The project is based on 3 elements. 4 m wide bridge flies over the water pond. At the end of this bridge a glass box defines the enclosed space. Enveloping this whole set, 25 rectangular steel frames function as brise soleils that bring shade and privacy to the prayer space.

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