07:25 by Byoengchan Oh and Chihyun Son

Byoengchan Oh and Chihyun Son Shows The 07:25 Eyewear

Byoengchan Oh and Chihyun Son, the maker of the displayed work Eyewear:07:25 by Byoengchan Oh and Chihyun Son points out, 07:25 is a special eyewear using the wood with the metal as a supplementary material. Wood is usually not used for glasses. it i <Cropped>

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Ring:tetrahedron by Amanda Gerbasi

Amanda Gerbasi Exhibits The Tetrahedron Ring

Amanda Gerbasi, the author of the displayed design Amanda Gerbasi's Tetrahedron Ring explicates, The objective of this design was to integrate the sharp lines of the tetrahedron form to the organic shape of the human finger while still retainin <Cropped>

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Portrait Photograph by Christian Jung

Christian Jung Exhibits The Violet Lips Portrait Photograph

CHRISTIAN JUNG, the maker of the awarded design VIOLET LIPS - Portrait photograph by CHRISTIAN JUNG spells out, Violet Lips is a picture created by Brazilian photographer Christian Jung to promote his studio website. It was designed to show his skill <Cropped>

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Extreme Habitat Challenge 2019-Sahara

Vision: Extreme Habitat Challenge Pushes to Explore Habitat Concepts That Are Responsible, Yet Brave to Grow Human Civilization in Synchronous With Nature + Technology + Planet. Design a Concept Habitat of 1, 000 People Within Area of 0.5mi X 0.5mi

Vision: extreme habitat challenge pushes to explore habitat concepts that are responsible, yet brave to grow human civilization in synchronous with nature + technology + planet. design a concept habitat of 1,000 people within area of 0.5mi x <Cropped>

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Geometric Landmarks-Travel Poster Series by Ben Grib

Ben Grib Shows The Geometric Landmarks Travel Poster Series

Ben Grib, the creative mind behind the awarded project Travel Poster series :Geometric Landmarks by Ben Grib points out, This projects celebrates some of London and the world’s most icon buildings by reconstructing them using basic geometric shap <Cropped>

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Corporate Identity by 12 Points

12 Points Presents The Moscow State Symphony Orchestra Corporate Identity

12 points, the maker of the awarded project 12 points's Moscow State Symphony Orchestra Corporate identity points out, The horn and the violin in the logo symbolize brass and strings sections, together these sections constitute a symphony orches <Cropped>

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Brand Identity :s4nity S4 Ident by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The S4nity S4 Ident Brand Identity

The creator of the awarded work Brand Identity :S4nity S4 ident by Acclaimed Designer explicates, When we were approached by S4nity to design their brand, we sought to differentiate them from other I.T. companies by designing a visually engaging bran <Cropped>

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Book by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Presents The Brazilian Cliches Book

The creator of the awarded project Book by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, Composed exclusively from images of a catalogue of Brazilian letterpress cliches from the beginning of the 20th century, the book's irreverent illustrations depict Brazi <Cropped>

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Vase by Dave Coomans & Gaudi Hoedaya

Dave Coomans & Gaudi Hoedaya Portrays The Flwr Shpr (flower Shaper) Vase

Dave Coomans & Gaudi Hoedaya, the creative mind behind the displayed project Vase:Flwr Shpr (Flower Shaper) by Dave Coomans & Gaudi Hoedaya says, These serie of vases is the result of experimenting with the capabilities and limitations of cla <Cropped>

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Backslash-Communication by Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen

Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen Exhibits The Backslash Communication

Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen, the designer of the award winning work Backslash by Pedro Oliveira & Xuedi Chen illustrates, Technology has been playing an important role in this new wave of protests, from Arab Spring to Occupy Central. Backslas <Cropped>

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