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Langting Mansion

In this project, designers achieved the space consistency through smooth scenarios. Cloud is chosen to be the spirit of experiment area, the continuity is achieved by five scenarios, respectively are entry from the Gate, step on the Cloud Bridge, pass the cloud mansion, walk into the Cloud Sea, tread in Book Yard and travel in Green Valley. Coming near the exhibition center, a picture of mountain and water salutes the eye. The architectural roof extracts the shape of alpine ups and downs. The central part create a sense of multiple ranges of hills by antique copper drawn aluminum square.

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Shenyang Hunnan

The natural landscape resources around the project are rich, and the architectural form adopts streamline. The project combines with the modern simple design style, breaks the original exhibition center layout, adds the observation tower which can fully appreciate the scenery of the Hunhe River, and stands in the city with the attitude of overlooking. Through the viewing platform on the top of the tower, everything of the river view is taken in a glance to achieve the purpose of river viewing.

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According to the landscape and orientation, the flexible design can not only meet the requirements of basic dynamic and static zoning, dry and wet zoning, open kitchen and washroom, room square application, etc., but also take the climate characteristics of Jinan into account in the design. The four constant residential technology is adopted in the house type design, which can maximize the lighting on the south and transparency from north to south, so as to adjust the indoor microclimate, achieve sustainable development target with energy saving and high efficiency.

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The H20 house located in the residential urban context of Hyderabad is designed for a family of four, spreading over an area of 12500 sq ft. as the name suggests the house has indoor and outdoor water bodies which not only helps in passive cooling techniques but also soothes human senses. The novelty of the house lays in its intelligent interplay of spaces, natural design, and simple textures. The challenge was to design a climate-sensitive building in a site, which disobeyed the prime norm of the longer side facing north and south directions.

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Z Line House

Z Line House is one challenging project of private residential that is built through a long five years of design and construction. The geometry of the house is aimed to maximize the existing site's potential, a series of calculated geometric and sculpture like interventions on the facade exploits the tension between conflicting elements. The geometry is optimised in such a way to control the water flow from the rainfall condition in tropical area. The result is an optimised geometry for a specific site that was parametrically calculated to have an optimum performance.

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Medieval Rethink

Medieval Rethink was a response to a private commission to build a Cultural Centre for a small undisclosed village in the Guangdong Province, which dates back 900 years to the Song Dynasty. A four storey, 7000 sqm development is centred around an ancient rock formation known as the Ding Qi Stone, a symbol of the origin of the village. The project’s design concept is based on showcasing the history and culture of the ancient village whilst linking the old and the new. The Cultural Centre stands as a reinterpretation of an ancient village and a transformation into contemporary architecture.

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