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Verin ArtsCenter

Great home or small town, where the intimacy of a home and the heterogeneity of a town is provided. The Center turns into a space of convivence of different activities, where each function is materialized as a unit, creating spaces of relationship without hierarchies. A place where its units works as separate houses and as a town all together. The project considers the enviorment and works by following the scheme of urbanism of the city of Verin. This occupation is based in small buildings aligned with the edges of the patchs and in the gaps leaved as common spaces, grouped into communities.

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Gaia is located near a newly proposed government building that incorporates a metro stop, a large shopping center, and the city's most important urban park. The mixed-use building with its sculptural movement acts as a creative attractor for inhabitants of the offices as well as the residential spaces. This requires a modified synergy between city and building. The varied programming actively engages the local fabric throughout the day, becoming a catalyst for what will inevitably soon be a hotspot.

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Emporium St Isabel

The building was designed to visible impact on the area it´s in. With a combination of new and traditional materials, wide gardens and cutting edge technology both in design and physical, the emporium is a pinnacle of efficiency and social impact on the area. The local people help to tend to the gardens and people all around the town come to buy the products products and enjoy the scenery.

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House for Beth

The number of farmsteads in Door County, Wisconsin USA has reduced over time; many weathered pine-sided barns still exist. The ones left have a memorable quality to their stature. This single-family residence called, House for Beth, addresses the vernacular architecture of the area with a steep pitched steel roof, cedar siding left to age naturally, a lean-to in the rear, and a composition of square windows.

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House Of The Tree

The 9074 square meter site with its huge 200-year old oak tree very much dictated the positioning and the design of the house. The massing blends with well oriented large expanses of glass merging the house into its rocky landscape. A cantilevered mass which identified the main entrance, unites with a large pivoting wooden screen created a continuous visual frame for the site’s tree and the dramatic views of the mountains and the hillside while resulting in a seamless transition from inside to outside.

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Paris, France during 1930’s the heart of intellectual and artistic life of Paris. Ironically, during this period a small village where local artist formed the realization and creation of the design. Distinctive arches and curves along the structure and fine black iron window frames throughout. Outfitted with refurbishments, custom hand-made or special ordered items and forming a new residence called Appartement Montparnasse at Ikebukro Tokyo, Japan.

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