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Narvik Top Station

The Narvik ski resort is located directly above the city centre and is characterised by a very steep height to length ratio - from a 1000 meter above sea level all the way down to the sea. The new gondola brings the skiers up to the mountain top. The gondola top station is custom designed for the gondola functional requirements and the harsh climatic conditions, but also to form an integrated part of the overall Narvik Arctic Resort design strategy.

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Haishang Plaza

Located in an old residential district of Zhengzhou city, Haishang Plaza is intended to be a premier shopping and entertainment destination of this area. The design incorporates a mixed-use program including Soho, Loft towers, an indoor shopping mall and a large outdoor lifestyle plaza, is committed to bringing vitality to the community and creating a new business model.

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Vinegar Vats

This incredible adaptation of a disused vinegar factory was carried out in an entirely sustainable manner. Not only does it use a natural stack effect to cool the space, its construction was done with a zero waste solution. No skips were used. Everything on site was re-used, recycled, or re-purposed. The basement was converted into an architecture studio with a 3 storey family home above. The vats were cleverly repurposed as planters, workstations, toilets, laundry, and even a fishpond. Natural light pours into the building as a result of removing a third of the roof to create a garden court.

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An important aspect of the investment is scheduling, sustainability and expandability. Adapting to unexpected economic situations. This is also true of landscape architecture and architectural elements. The medicinal water steam chamber, the potable spa water and the swimming pool swimming on the surface of the lake provide a new quality of sauna, which can only be here in Hungarosauna. The building has a cross-laminated bridging beam with a wooden pillar frame. In a homogeneous way, a wood-like statue is covered inside and out with timber surfaces like a tree trunk.

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Casa Lupita

Casa Lupita pays tribute to the classic colonial architecture of Merida, Mexico and its historic neighborhoods. This project involved the restoration of the casona, that is considered a heritage site, as well as architectural, interior, furniture and landscape design. The conceptual premise of the project is the juxtaposition of colonial and contemporary architecture.

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Using wood as the main constructive element, the house displaces its two levels in section, generating a glazed roof to integrate with the context and allow natural light to enter. The double height space articulates that relationship between the ground floor, the upper floor and the landscape. A metal roof over the skylight flies, protecting it from the incidence of the western sun and formally rebuilding the volume, framing the vision of the natural environment. The program is articulated by locating public uses on the ground floor and private uses on the upper floor.

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