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Phoenix Tree Garden

In this case, the shortcomings of the base are similar courtyard structures, the courtyards that are seen at a glance, and the current state of the house being demolished. Designers used the folding wall and the moon door to change the internal space axis, and organized the new landscape order with small bridges, waterways and stacked mountains. They designed and directed the stack of red rock mountain. Several tea rooms with different views and feelings were made in less than 200 square meters.

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Starry Town

Setting off from the visitor center, guests will explore the starry town along two curve aluminum walls under the 1200 square meters leaf-shape extending roof. The center is the spiral staircases and transparent lift leading up to an 8 meters high lake view platform. The entrance represents a moon using mirror tempered glass. The U-shaped tempered glass is coherent with other metals. Besides, the stair steps are located along the nonlinear edges of the entrance to roof, it comes to the ribbon structure. What’s under the ribbon-like bridge become a kid playground.

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Located in Zhangjiazhuang Village, Beijing, Shared Yard shows the designers’ initial exploration of the modernization of rural architectures. Its future mission is a four-room boutique homestay, which can be self-occupied or for business. Surrounded by trees and vegetable fields, the yard has the advantageous natural beauty. Therefore, the new architectures are designed to embrace the hills and trees that surround the site, bath in natural sunlight, and contain a rich spatial experience.

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Logistics of this working family required them to be home indoors for long periods, which in addition to work and school became disruptive to their wellness. They began to contemplate, like many families, whether a move to the suburbs, exchanging proximity to city amenities for a larger backyard to increase outdoor access was necessary. Rather than moving far away, they decided to build a new house that would reconsider the limitations of indoor home life on a small urban lot. The organizing principle of the project was to create as much outdoor access from communal areas as possible.

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Yuexiang Lake

In the design, the courtyard with four entrances is arranged according to the north-south axis. The feeling of space is different. The sunken courtyard is adopted to increase the sense of spatial layer and form the varied landscape in the limited area. The combination of modern architectural form, architectural technology, architectural materials and traditional form. On this account, designers should adopt the architectural form of new Chinese style to create a building site in line with modern life.

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Langting Mansion

In this project, designers achieved the space consistency through smooth scenarios. Cloud is chosen to be the spirit of experiment area, the continuity is achieved by five scenarios, respectively are entry from the Gate, step on the Cloud Bridge, pass the cloud mansion, walk into the Cloud Sea, tread in Book Yard and travel in Green Valley. Coming near the exhibition center, a picture of mountain and water salutes the eye. The architectural roof extracts the shape of alpine ups and downs. The central part create a sense of multiple ranges of hills by antique copper drawn aluminum square.

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