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Ghaneei’s house

in this design,The architect intended to add two rooms in the house; a ceiling as Iranian terraces.but the plan that was built divided the house into two main volumes, one for living and the other as a Sabaat(Iranian shelters).these two structures were connected by a joint-shaped stairway.In this project the stairs inspired by Monar Shagerd in Yazd. And an attempt was made to maintain symbolic elements. On one hand , many ways and 3- story stairways have caused spatial attachment and on the other hand it has built one united ceiling for the whole family.

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The architect’s inspiration came from the reclaimed eucalyptus wood of the “bateas”. These are the mussel production platforms in the estuary and that constitute the very important local industry in “Ria da Arousa”, Spain. Eucalyptus wood is used in these platforms, and there are extensions of this tree in the region. The age of the wood is not hidden, and the different outer and inner faces of the wood are used to create different sensations. The house tries to borrow the tradition of the surroundings and reveal them through the story told in the design and the detailing.

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Light house

Light-House is located in Hsinchu County, Taiwan. Natural light and wind are brought into the interior, through layers of square openings and windows on the southern elevation, transforming the internal spaces with varying lighting conditions throughout the day. Natural light extend to every corner of the home, creating brighter interior spaces and allowing growth and vitality of greenery internally. Externally, the project constructs a visual gap between houses, while retaining spatial possibilities for chance encounters between neighboring properties.

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Nassim Quattro

This four-unit complex is in the highly affluent Nassim Road precinct of Singapore, known for its high quality Good Class Bungalows. The site itself is triangulated and gently sloping with a long access road, limiting the amount of buildable land. In optimising the space within this plot of land, four ‘bungalows’ was incorporated into one complex, shifting the user experience into that of living in a landed house set amongst lush and luxuriant gardens and where grand established grand established tropical hardwood trees define the perimeter.

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Damavand House residence

The main concept is based on an sloped unique box wich is pushed by an stone wedge.The site of this project is a field situated on a mountain slope,overlooking a beautiful plain.So it was desided to have a better view by building up 3 floors above the ground.The neighborhood is a mix of small land division and so condense that blocks easternly and westernly sides of the field.The cold climate pose a design challenge.So a special consideration has been given to snow removal from the roof.

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SCPG Shopping Plaza

The objective for this project is to upgrade the SCPG Shopping Plaza to be a new iconic shopping mall of the city. Through the new eye catching façade, new design of entrance plaza, interior spaces and improved circulation to enhance the quality of the SCPG Shopping Plaza. By utilizing the SCPG logo shape, the abstract topology shaped pattern is created. The pattern will be applied to the design of facade, canopy and interior space to reveal the unique characteristics of SCPG in the commercial development sector.

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