Jolly Yan Yee Kee's Soulmate Adjustable Brightness Sunglasses

Jolly Yan Yee Kee Demonstrates The Soulmate Adjustable Brightness Sunglasses

Jolly Yan Yee Kee, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Soulmate by Jolly Yan Yee Kee illustrates, This is a double polarized sunglasses which allowed the users to adjust the brightness. It is Inspired by soul and interacted with Light. <Cropped>

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Concept to Perpetuate Emotions:meaningful Heart Jewelry by Britta Schwalm

Britta Schwalm Illustrates The Meaningful Heart Jewelry Concept to Perpetuate Emotions

Britta schwalm, the project leader of the awarded work Concept to perpetuate emotions by Britta schwalm demonstrates, There exist a lot of jewelry carrying memories about family or events. They have become old-fashioned since, but are too invaluable <Cropped>

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Sha Design Llc's Eatwell Assistive Tableware Set

Sha Design Llc Spotlights The Eatwell Assistive Tableware Set

Sha Design LLC, the lead designer of the awarded design Eatwell - Assistive Tableware Set by Sha Design LLC explicates, Eatwell is a set of dishware that makes eating easier for people with cognitive (such as Alzheimer's and other dementias), m <Cropped>

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Cosmetics Sales Office by Cameron Kam

Cameron Kam Shows The Cosmetics Sales Office Office, Showroom

CAMERON KAM, the maker of the awarded design Office, Showroom by CAMERON KAM explicates, Customers who enter the sales office can instantly experience curated range of luxurious products in a radiant, clear and comfortable place. The zigzag carpet ma <Cropped>

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Renato Goncalves-Fs 275 Wide Bowrider Motorboat

At Design Interviews

Interview with RENATO GONCALVES : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. RENATO GONCALVES : FS 275 Wide was designed for those who seek a boat for daily use, that doesn't take up space with a large cab <Cropped>

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Interior Design:domesticated Nature by Mood Works, Dorota Kuc & Karina Snuszka

Mood Works, Dorota Kuc & Karina Snuszka Demonstrates The Domesticated Nature Interior Design

Mood Works, Dorota Kuc & Karina Snuszka, the lead designer of the displayed work Interior Design by Mood Works, Dorota Kuc & Karina Snuszka says, It is a design inspired by the wealth of nature forms, which repeats the soft, organic shapes th <Cropped>

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Unfuse International Architecture Thesis Award'19

Unfuse a Part of Uni Serves as a Platform to Create a Global Community of Architects and Designers Who Are Pushing The Boundaries of Architecture Discipline to Enrich Our Built Environment. At Unfuse We Promote Exceptional Works, Ideas, Experimentations I

Unfuse a part of uni serves as a platform to create a global community of architects and designers who are pushing the boundaries of architecture discipline to enrich our built environment. at unfuse we promote exceptional works, ideas, experimentati <Cropped>

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Typography Book by Fazaal Naufer

Fazaal Naufer Exhibits The 100 Inspirational Quotes Typography Book

Fazaal Naufer, the thinktank behind the awarded work 100 Inspirational Quotes by Fazaal Naufer points out, This book is a compilation of 100 quotations that have been visualised and represented using typography, illustration, and graphic elements. Th <Cropped>

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Clinic by Chu-Hsin Tsai

Chu-Hsin Tsai Illustrates The Dr. Hsieh's Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic

Chu-Hsin Tsai, the lead designer of the highlighted project clinic by Chu-Hsin Tsai explicates, Trying to make a clinic look not like a clinic but a space in which people want to be . Woman is like white flowers, pure, elegant, flawless and beautiful <Cropped>

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Causeway Education Centre-Institution by Enoch Hui

Enoch Hui Designs The Causeway Education Centre Institution

Enoch Hui , the creative mind behind the displayed design Award Winning Causeway Education Centre Institution explains, Studying in Hong Kong is very competitive due to the lack of academic institution and therefore, student learning centre is quite <Cropped>

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