Award Winning T94 Series Welding Helmet

Miller and Otos Reveals The T94 Series Welding Helmet

Miller and Otos, the lead designer of the award winning project T94 Series - Welding Helmet by Miller and Otos illustrates, The T94 Series is available in various work sites as well as being used for welding or grinding operation. Provision of addit <Cropped>

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Hong Kong Day by One Plus Partnership Limited

One Plus Partnership Limited Portrays The Hong Kong Day Restaurant

ONE PLUS PARTNERSHIP LIMITED, the designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Hong Kong Day Restaurant spells out, Mahjong is a traditional game that Hong Kong people enjoy in gatherings, it is chosen to represent Hong Kong culture. Different sh <Cropped>

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Sustainable Fashion by Tanya Bansal

Tanya Bansal Exhibits The The Bride Sustainable Fashion

Tanya Bansal, the architect of the displayed work Sustainable fashion:The Bride by Tanya Bansal explains, Sustainability is not only about utilizing natural fibre but also recycling dumped materials that occupies landfill space.The silhouette is desi <Cropped>

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Young Bird Plan Mascot International Design Competition%u2019 19

Young Bird Plan, An International Competition Platform, It Has Been Five Years Since Its Establishment. This Time, Young Bird Plan Launches Its Own Competition Globally, and Thousands of Creative Minds Will Have The Unique Opportunity to Create The Mascot

Young bird plan, an international competition platform, it has been five years since its establishment. this time, young bird plan launches its own competition globally, and thousands of creative minds will have the unique opportunity to create the m <Cropped>

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Devesh Bhatia's Madona Door Handle

Devesh Bhatia Portrays The Madona Door Handle

Devesh Bhatia, the creative mind behind the displayed work Door handle by Devesh Bhatia says, The sole intent of of this design is to make a door accessory aesthetic and functional. Door handles until now had all been designed in single axis this des <Cropped>

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Harman-Compact Garden Tractor by Sinan Anayurt

Sinan Anayurt Creates The Harman Compact Garden Tractor

Sinan Anayurt, the designer of the award winning project Compact Garden Tractor by Sinan Anayurt demonstrates, Harman is a mini-tractor that can take care of big works. Designed to be a new option for using tractors, Harman is different than other <Cropped>

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Emotional Object #022: Gift Wrap by João Faria Concept

João Faria Concept Shows The Emotional Object #022: Gift Wrap Coffee Table

João Faria Concept, the author of the award winning project Coffee table by João Faria Concept illustrates, Gift wrap is a simple coffee table. Inspired in a box of chocolates, the table, which can be made in five different kinds of wood or super <Cropped>

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Shelf Lamp by Jiawen Lian

Jiawen Lian Designs The Shelf Lamp Lamp

Jiawen Lian, the architect of the highlighted work Jiawen Lian's Shelf Lamp Lamp demonstrates, Shelf Lamp is a series of lamps made from beech, in order to facilitate the transport, all parts can be folded, shrink, disassembled and easy to assem <Cropped>

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Super Super Congee and Noodles by J. Candice Interior Architects

J. Candice Interior Architects Shows The Super Super Congee and Noodles Fast Food Restaurant

J. Candice Interior Architects, the architect of the highlighted design Fast Food Restaurant:Super Super Congee and Noodles by J. Candice Interior Architects explains, The core idea is to breakaway from the conventional business idea and interior des <Cropped>

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Babyfirst-brand Identity, Branding Strategies by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Babyfirst Brand Identity, Branding Strategies

The lead designer of the displayed project Award Winning babyfirst brand identity, branding strategies explains, a JV between foreign and chinese entities retailing high-end imported baby care products for the mainland chinese market. the design seam <Cropped>

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