Green View by Li-Jen Chang

Li-Jen Chang Shares The Green View Public Facilities Hall

Li-Jen Chang , the maker of the awarded work Green view by Li-Jen Chang explains, The case located on Chongde Road, Taichung. Rows of Madagascar almond, lush vegetation is staggered as poetic beauty of spring. It well drawn the most primitive life ap <Cropped>

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Green Product Award & Green Concept Award

The Competition Is Seeking For Green, Sustainable Products, Concepts & Products and Concepts Can Be Submitted to The International Green Product Award For The Seventh Time. This Year, Manufacturers, Design Studios & Agencies Are Inv

The competition is seeking for green, sustainable products, concepts & services.Green products and concepts can be submitted to the international green product award for the seventh time. this year, manufacturers, design studios & agencies ar <Cropped>

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Award Winning Birds & Eggs Toy Kit

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Birds & Eggs Toy Kit

The author of the award winning work Birds & Eggs by Acclaimed Designer illustrates, Birds&Eggs creative toy set allow children to create various birds with gathering different stylized body pieces. Designed for children above the age of 5, i <Cropped>

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Lamp by Shinn Asano

Shinn Asano Reveals The Hitotaba Lamp

Shinn Asano, the creator of the highlighted project Hitotaba - Lamp by Shinn Asano points out, Designed by Shinn Asano with background in graphic design, Sen is a 6 piece collection of steel furniture that turns 2D lines into 3D forms. Each piece inc <Cropped>

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Award Winning Pride Brand

Oleksii Chernov Designs The Pride Brand

Oleksii Chernov, the lead designer of the awarded work Pride - Brand by Oleksii Chernov demonstrates, To create the design of the brand Pride, the team used the study of the target audience in several ways. When the team did the design of the logo an <Cropped>

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Fountainia by Ruiqi Dai

Ruiqi Dai Reveals The Fountainia Divide Wine Into Two Wine Glasses

Ruiqi Dai, the maker of the award winning work Award Winning Fountainia Divide wine into two wine glasses spells out, Designed by Ruiqi Dai, the Fountainia is an elegant wine divider. When pouring wine from the top, it flows equally into two wine gla <Cropped>

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Amber Around The World by Pawel Kaczynski

Pawel Kaczynski Designs The Amber Around The World Rings

Pawel Kaczynski, the lead designer of the highlighted design AMBER AROUND the WORLD - RINGS by Pawel Kaczynski points out, Amber the stone occurring on various continents of the earth . The main aim was to present amber coming from various corners of <Cropped>

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Alesia Kutsian and Aliaksei Hvozdzeu's Faces in History Poster

Alesia Kutsian and Aliaksei Hvozdzeu Demonstrates The Faces in History Poster

Alesia Kutsian and Aliaksei Hvozdzeu, the lead designer of the award winning design Faces in History by Alesia Kutsian and Aliaksei Hvozdzeu points out, This typographic portrait technique is complex and sophisticated. Each poster has its own individ <Cropped>

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Szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award

The Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, and, Invite You All to Design The Official Gadget/Souvenir For All The Attendees of The Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2019.szidf 2019 Gadget Design Award Also This Year

The shenzhen industrial design profession association, and, invite you all to design the official gadget/souvenir for all the attendees of the shenzhen international industrial design fair 2019.Szidf 2019 gadget design award also this y <Cropped>

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Lap by M.mamprin & C.tettamanti & S.martelli

M.mamprin & C.tettamanti & S.martelli Illustrates The Lap Lamp

M.Mamprin & C.Tettamanti & S.Martelli, the creative mind behind the displayed project Lap by M.Mamprin & C.Tettamanti & S.Martelli explains, The design of this lamp starts from the study of the architecture of Renzo Piano's Dioge <Cropped>

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