Sarp 46m by Sarp Yacht

Sarp Yacht Creates The Sarp 46m Yacht Interior

Sarp Yacht , the creator of the award winning work Sarp 46M - Yacht Interior by Sarp Yacht points out, Created by Adam Lay Studio & Sarp Yacht. The interior of Sarp Yachts’ new 46m motor yacht blends loft apartment styling and mountain chalet i <Cropped>

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Li Hui Wang's Breathing Art Apartment House

Li Hui Wang Portrays The Breathing Art Apartment House

Li Hui Wang, the lead designer of the highlighted design Apartment House by Li Hui Wang illustrates, Highlighting the owner’s knowledge and appreciation of art, combined with the designer’s use of different materials to bring texture into the li <Cropped>

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Design-Art Ceramic Objects by Mey Kahn

Mey Kahn Illustrates The Herzl Design-Art Ceramic Objects

Mey Kahn, the lead designer of the award winning project Herzl - Design-Art Ceramic Objects by Mey Kahn says, Herzl is an open-ended collection of ceramic products which includes boxes, vases, candelabras and bowls. Herzl project started in a shoppin <Cropped>

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Whisky Club:elite Lounge Bar by Lianglong Wang

Lianglong Wang Reveals The Elite Lounge Bar Whisky Club

Lianglong Wang, the creative mind behind the displayed design Lianglong Wang's Elite Lounge Bar Whisky Club explicates, In this case, DNA is extracted as an element throughout the whole space, and the original space is re-interpreted with cohere <Cropped>

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Four Stories About Warmth by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Portrays The Four Stories About Warmth Promotional Website For Ariston

The designer of the award winning project Promotional website for Ariston by Acclaimed Designer says, Digital storytelling that helps to make a choice to the customer when he faced an infinite range of heating equipment. Here are four stories about p <Cropped>

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The Holy Ghost by Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang

Yi Chen & Muchen Zhang Discloses The The Holy Ghost Furniture

YI Chen & Muchen Zhang , the maker of the displayed work The Holy Ghost by YI Chen & Muchen Zhang illustrates, ious belief and mental experience as Christians in conceptualizing The Holy Ghost Chair. We are always grateful. The glow of the H <Cropped>

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Award Winning Kitabatake2 Residential House

Shunichiro Ninomiya Spotlights The Kitabatake2 Residential House

Shunichiro Ninomiya, the designer of the awarded project Residential House by Shunichiro Ninomiya points out, This building is built in Osaka city in Japan. The site has an elongated shape. The surroundings are surrounded by adjacent buildings. The s <Cropped>

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Award Winning Tiden Wrist Watch

Albert Berisha Exhibits The Tiden Wrist Watch

Albert Berisha, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Wrist Watch by Albert Berisha explains, It is a challenge to stand out from the crowd, especially when there are thousands of different watch designs on the market. Tiden is a new wristwat <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Steph Lee

Steph Lee Spotlights The Cascade of Lights Interior Design

Steph Lee, the maker of the highlighted work Award Winning Cascade of Lights Interior design says, The house is located in Tien Mu distinct in Taipei and was taking place during the pre-built phase. The interior space is about 330 square meter with <Cropped>

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Award Winning Olo Pendant Lamp

Maurice L. Dery Shows The Olo Pendant Lamp

Maurice L. Dery, the project leader of the award winning project Pendant Lamp by Maurice L. Dery explains, Olo is a unique design, a custom designed peanut, bullet, shaped light. The interesting part of this light is its interchangeability with the m <Cropped>

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