Super String-Sculpture by Metakaos

Metakaos Illustrates The Super String Sculpture

Metakaos, the thinktank behind the awarded work Metakaos's Super String Sculpture points out, The sculpture is inspired by one of the grand theories of science, the superstrings. It theorises that every particle that makes this universe is made <Cropped>

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Wanglaoji Recipe 1828 by Tiger Pan

Tiger Pan Discloses The Wanglaoji Recipe 1828 Beverage

Tiger Pan, the thinktank behind the highlighted work Beverage :Wanglaoji Recipe 1828 by Tiger Pan points out, WANGLAOJI is about a true story where people in the old times practicing medicine and curing the sick in the southern China. Herbal tea does <Cropped>

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David Flores Loredo's Eagle Electric Guitar

David Flores Loredo Presents The Eagle Electric Guitar

David Flores Loredo, the creative mind behind the awarded design Eagle by David Flores Loredo says, The Eagle presents a new electric guitar concept based on a lightweight, futuristic and sculptural design with a new design language inspired by the <Cropped>

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Award Winning House Nordlicht Monolithic Bungalow

Büro Florian Schätz Presents The House Nordlicht Monolithic Bungalow

Büro Florian Schätz, the project leader of the displayed work House Nordlicht by Büro Florian Schätz demonstrates, A stonemason and his wife wanted a minimalistic new home seamless without any reveals or joints. The architect created a monolithic <Cropped>

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Pendant Jewel:isi by Isabella Gabbin

Isabella Gabbin Portrays The Isi Pendant Jewel

Isabella Gabbin, the designer of the awarded project Pendant jewel by Isabella Gabbin illustrates, Isi it is a project that consists in a convertible pendant for woman and man in 18Kt of gold and diamonds 3,6 ct, but it is available also in silver <Cropped>

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Hotel by Mz Architects

Mz Architects Creates The Park Inn Hotel-Jeddah Hotel

MZ Architects, the creative mind behind the award winning work Award Winning Park Inn Hotel - Jeddah Hotel spells out, The Park Inn Jeddah Hotel project is an interplay of art and architecture. Its making investigates the overlap of both fields and l <Cropped>

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Dialogue With The Jetty by Midarchitecture Sàrl

Midarchitecture Sàrl Illustrates The Dialogue With The Jetty Public Space

MIDarchitecture sàrl, the maker of the awarded design public space by MIDarchitecture sàrl illustrates, The very narrow, historical jetty allows to approach the jet of pressurized water and to take advantage of its spray, without however offering <Cropped>

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Multi Tool For Iphone by Alexander Werbickas

Alexander Werbickas Designs The Xistera: Multi Tool For Iphone Multi Tool For Iphone

Alexander Werbickas, the creative mind behind the awarded project Alexander Werbickas's XiStera: Multi Tool For iPhone Multi Tool For iPhone explains, XiStera is a compact, portable, affordable, and innovative multi-tool solution for your iPhone <Cropped>

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Japanese Restaurant:kishoku by J. Candice Interior Architects

J. Candice Interior Architects Designs The Kishoku Japanese Restaurant

J. Candice Interior Architects, the creative mind behind the awarded design Kishoku - Japanese Restaurant by J. Candice Interior Architects says, Connecting traditional and contemporary, Kishoku is a modern interpretation of Japanese cuisine. The mai <Cropped>

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Rice Spoon by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Wooden Spoon Rice Spoon

The lead designer of the award winning work Wooden spoon by Acclaimed Designer spells out, This custom designed spoon, made of Jacaranda wood, has been carved in such a way that the body of the spoon follows the natural grain of the wood and also fea <Cropped>

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