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Chongqing Wanda Velodrome

Besides a sports infrastructure, the velodrome was also intended to be a landmark of Chongqing. The recognisable form alone made this goal. The architect drew inspiration from lanterns, a handicraft heritage of China, and successfully combined this conception with requirements of a modern sports venue. The Velodrome has an exciting indoor atmosphere created both by 6000 spectators in maximum and athletes racing on a precisely-fabricated wooden track. The attractive outer appearance was realised by advanced net-cable structure, thus making it the centre of the place where people could gather.

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This house of a family 4 is an homenaje to the modest but substantial mediterranean living. The steep hill and the plot’s narrow dimensions determine the pronounced and gradient form of the building which rises from the mountain and over the valley of Poisses, to finally balance itself with the surrounding traditional dwellings and the natural rocky context. Eager to apply the fundamentals of sustainabilty, solar energy is used for heating, rainwater is stored & the largest sum of the stone used, was from this same stone quarred from excavating the site itself, in order to lay the foundation.

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Rosemont Hotel and Residences

From conception to construction, the client’s vision for the project mandated the creation of a world-class, ultra-luxury hotel destination tailored specifically for family-focused leisure and entertainment. Entwining advanced design, digital technology and the nature, the resulting design solution or the Rosemont Hotel and Residences reflects a visionary destination, with thoughtful, forward thinking amenities and engaging spaces designed to provide endless & unique entertainment experiences.

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The Tembusu

The Tembusu creates a humanized high-density living space by weaving tapestry of sky gardens around 3 interconnected superblocks. The sky gardens become an extension of the units when they form a park network in the sky. A layer of semi-public private spaces is created that promotes greater social interaction among residents. Delicate threads of nature interweave with the architecture to create an organic, living facade. The landscape is designed around a rain remediation system that is expressed as streams and ponds. The Tembusu is a celebration of tapestry of life, nature and architecture.

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Crab Houses

On the vast plain of the Silesian Lowlands, one magical mountain stands alone, covered in fog of mystery, towering over the picturesque town of Sobotka. There, amidst natural landscapes and legendary location, the Crab Houses complex: a research centre, is planned to be. As a part of town's revitalisation project, it is supposed to unleash creativity and innovativeness. The place brings together scientists, artists and local community. The shape of the pavilions is inspired by crabs entering rippling sea of grass. They will be illuminated at night, resembling fireflies hovering over the town.

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The fact that a comfortable life after the retirement which makes the most of the hillside premises is realized by a steady design in a usual way was much appreciated. To intake a rich environment. But this time is not villa architecture but personal housing. Then firstly we started to make structure based on that it is able to spend usual life comfortably without unreasonableness on the whole plan.

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