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Three cubes in the forest

Three cubes are the device with the various properties and functions (playground equipment for children, public furniture, art objects, meditation rooms, arbors, small rest spaces, waiting rooms, chairs with roofs), and can bring people fresh spactial experiences. Three cubes can be transport by a truck easily, because of the size and the shape. In terms of the size, the installation (the inclination), seat surfaces, windows etc., each cube is designed characteristically. Three cubes are referenced to Japanese traditional minimum spaces like tea ceremony rooms, with variability and mobility.

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Noor Island

A small fallow island in the middle of the Emirate of Sharjah was transformed into a transmedia landscape park complete with an ensemble of pavilions, buildings and objects. The overall project, which is being realized on behalf of the state development board Shurooq, gave the architects at 3deluxe the opportunity to develop and implement transdisciplinary design ideas without being restricted by purely functional and profit-based considerations. The design combines a wealth of aesthetic stylistic elements in an interdisciplinary architectural language that spans space and cultures.

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WoodBox Learning Enviroment

The college Building house classrooms, workshops, cafeteria, library, chapell and admin areas in a 30.000 sf of state of the art wood building. The design team was commissioned to design a Technical College building plus construction in 12 month. To achieve such a challenge, we work closely with Celulosa Arauco wood manufacture developing a comprehensive prefabricate system that include Glulam beams, floor and wall panels, curtain wall systems and a wood rain screen facade. We were determinate to create an innovative learning environment for an isolate community using wood as a main resource.

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Located on a 6,6 Ha cliff edge plot at 2,000m above sea level, with a built-up area of 24,000m² including 115 keys, six restaurants and lounges, a spa and recreation facilities. The sense of drama and beauty is heightened by the play of light and shade, the texture of the natural materials, rustling vegetation, and the sound of flowing water. The designer configures visitors’ experience in sequences in order to arouse distinctive emotions inspired by the view, the architecture, and the landscape.

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Haus M

The shape of the building is meant to imitate an extract of a mine. The inside of the residence revolves around the living room, which measures 6 meters in height and is divided by a gallery layer. An open and tense spatial structure is being formed hereby. The frontal terrace plane operates like a stage set and creates more depth within the room.

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Winner Forum

The basic values for the Winner Forum are: precision, sustainability, energy efficiency and effectiveness as well as being durable, low maintenance, well integrated, timeless and of high quality. The building, in retreat from the streetscape, takes some space for itself. The sharply contoured building has a randomly arranged fibreglass concrete facade that stretches over the building like scaly skin. The chosen division emphasises the structure’s vertical lines.

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