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House as a place of living is the first place that each person becomes familiar with it and has a sense of unity. It has also the feeling of ownership towards it and the first perception of the space. In order to solve the problem of housing requirements for middle class, flexibility is suggested. Flexibility is one of the options that can deal with multidimensional minimum spaces in order to make maximum efficiency and bring them closer optimal spaces. Use of movable walls and furniture have been proposed and it can reduce the amount of occupied space and prepare the space for optimal use.

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Jewel consists of three towers addressing over 110 metres of beach frontage, offering unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean. At the heart of this development is the 47 level hotel tower featuring 341 suites and residential apartments atop a three level podium. The podium includes conference facilities, food and beverage outlets; retail and resort amenities commensurate with a world class hotel. A 41 level luxury residential tower and 34 level premium residential tower complete the scheme.

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Yard Seclusion

Evolution Design saved the texture and spacial relationship between the original farm house building and the surrounding courtyards with a low budget within a very short constructing time. They successfully mingle the surroundings with the arteries and veins of the village, preserving the countryside memory, and also make adaptations as needed to the surrounding environment. Evolution Design persists in the principle of originating “outside” of tradition, yet coexists with tradition, allowing it to extend and cherish in a more respectful way.

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The architecture is located at the east coast of Taiwan. The east side of the building is the Pacific cliff, and on the west side of the coastal mountains, the amount of sunshine will become weak after 3 pm, so the facades of the buildings are of different types of glass, expecting to get the amount of light and making the natural environment Visual penetration. The design focuses on the arrangement of space, and the organic curve, which is close to nature, is chosen as the prototype for the development of the architecture.

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Fun paradise

The Zhuoyu Pavilion is an innovative project. It intends to build an additional third space beyond the typical classroom and playground for the countryside children to engage in computer access, reading, communication and other interactive activities. The design starts from the characteristics of perception and mentality of schoolchildren to construct A house within a house, or a space. The project combines design with education, attempting to improve rural education through design, and leads the children in low-income areas to a hopeful future.

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Kushi Dango

Hamada architects planned a joint housing of five houses and offices on an elongated site with a width of 15 meters by 50 meters. Each semi-open courtyard with void space was placed in each door. The effect is to secure lighting and ventilation in each dwelling unit, making it possible to secure privacy by alleviating complaints of vibration and noise by making it with wood. In addition, the courtyard became a good communication place in the neighborhood.

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