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Heavenly Water

Due to the unique nature of the service centers, which have to handle large circulation flow, the design ensure visitors from all directions can reach the service center area swiftly; and at the same time, it provides for visitors who can’t gain access into the service centers momentarily as a venue for viewing and resting.

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The form of the restaurant comes from starfish which is the first thing appears in your eyes while your fit touch the Persian gulf water on the beach. The goal is to bring a sense of sea calm into interior space of restaurant while eating seafood. This unique restaurant has been one of the most important constructions in Kish Island since 2016. The building is not only bio-phormic, creative, contemporary and modern, but also make emotional connection with people by it’s design. The porous vacuum ABS material used in the structure is made by two layers that do not permit the heat to exchange.

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Black Orchid

The form of the building comes from black orchid flower which is symbol of fertility, perfection, beauty, love, luxury and opulence. The Land is in 9840 square meters. Black Orchid has 18000 square meters retail and facility areas such as cinemas, shops and hyper markets and restaurants.The Black Orchid is built in 6 uder ground floor that 4 out of 6 floor is for parking and 10 over ground floor. The building is not only bio-phormic and modern, but also make emotional connection with people by it’s design.

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House as a place of living is the first place that each person becomes familiar with it and has a sense of unity. It has also the feeling of ownership towards it and the first perception of the space. In order to solve the problem of housing requirements for middle class, flexibility is suggested. Flexibility is one of the options that can deal with multidimensional minimum spaces in order to make maximum efficiency and bring them closer optimal spaces. Use of movable walls and furniture have been proposed and it can reduce the amount of occupied space and prepare the space for optimal use.

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Jewel consists of three towers addressing over 110 metres of beach frontage, offering unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean. At the heart of this development is the 47 level hotel tower featuring 341 suites and residential apartments atop a three level podium. The podium includes conference facilities, food and beverage outlets; retail and resort amenities commensurate with a world class hotel. A 41 level luxury residential tower and 34 level premium residential tower complete the scheme.

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Yard Seclusion

Evolution Design saved the texture and spacial relationship between the original farm house building and the surrounding courtyards with a low budget within a very short constructing time. They successfully mingle the surroundings with the arteries and veins of the village, preserving the countryside memory, and also make adaptations as needed to the surrounding environment. Evolution Design persists in the principle of originating “outside” of tradition, yet coexists with tradition, allowing it to extend and cherish in a more respectful way.

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